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Emerging Tween Fashion Designer to Launch Second Line

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Austin, TX—Fashion designer Isabella Rose Taylor knows exactly what a girl wants. Her fall line of fashion forward tops, bottoms, dresses and accessories for tweens due out next month has captured the attention of the fashion world and she was recently named a “Rising Star” at the 5th Annual Austin Fashion Awards.

However, Taylor’s success stems from more than just a passion for fashion. She knows what tween girls want to wear because she is one herself.

At just 12 years old, Taylor has already accomplished more than those three times her age. Not only is she making a name for herself in the fashion industry, but she is also a published writer and poet and successful artist whose work has been featured in sold out gallery shows throughout Texas.

Often referred to as a tween prodigy, Taylor’s love for art began at the age of 3 and has been a profound influence in her fashion designs ever since with her first line launching in February 2012. Not surprisingly, her motto is “if art had legs it would be fashion.”

“My clothes are inspired not only by my art, but by colors, shapes, poetry, travel and the beauty of everything around me,” says Taylor. “I want to create tween couture and that doesn’t just follow tween fashion trends but is also comfortable, glamorous and distinctive.”

Taylor’s current and upcoming fall collections are available on

Austin Fashion Week here I come ! So excited to be able to participate :)




isabella rose taylor head shotafwrunwayslogo-designers


Isabella Rose Taylor is amping up the tween game. Her artistic passions blossomed at the age of three when she started painting; and are now realized in a spirited, yet classic, fashion line with girls seeking out her look and the Press taking note. Launching her fashion line at the age of eleven, she is truly accomplished and her resume keeps growing. Her artwork has been shown in Austin and Dallas, she is an editor for Amazing Kids (an online magazine), serves on the Creative Kids magazine advisory board and is a certified member of Mensa. Isabella Rose Taylor is also a published poet; her poetry is progressive and profound.

Currently based in Austin, Isabella travels worldwide exploring textiles, stories, and images that inspire her art. Isabella designs with herself in mind and her sophisticated, intelligent portfolio has many admirers second-guessing her age. Humble, sweet and driven, Isabella Rose Taylor is making tween the new scene.

A Slice of Glam blog by Ms. Amberly Poole !!

I first met Ms. Amberly at Dallas FNO and was thrilled that she was able to attend my trunk show in McKinney !  She has a wonderful blog that you need to check out :)   She wrote a very nice blog post on me and the event.  BIG THANKS to A SLIcE oF GlaM ! !



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Isabella Rose Trunk Show

{the designer and I; she designed the tunic she is wearing, love the print!}
{the photo on this tee is from a self portait painting she made (yep, she’s an artist too!)}
{tops, blouses and jackets from her Fall collection}
{my “fashion sis” Camille, and Isabella Rose}
 {adorable oversized flower pins}

Happy Monday everyone!  On Saturday, my friend Camille and I had the pleasure of attending the Isabella Rose Trunk Show and Reception in McKinney, TX.  I met her during her presentation at Fashion’s Night Out at Highland Park Village in Dallas, and was eager to see more of her work.  Isabella Rose is a young designer (11 years old!) from Austin, Texas who creates beautiful paintings, fashion, and poetry.  She is talented beyond her young years, and is very humble, sweet and friendly!  The event was held at the Gather in Downtown McKinney, and if you’re ever visiting the area stop by this gorgeous little restaurant/shop.  Check out Isabella’s blog here, and more of her fashion here.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

Feeling very grateful to be included in the “Annual Young Women to Watch” in the Austin Women Magazine (October 2012)

Isabella Rose

Sophistication and self-possession are not words usually associated with tweens, but Isabella Rose is an exception to the rule. At 11 years old, she has showcased her art in Austin and Dallas, is a certified member of Mensa, an editor for Amazing Kids! online magazine and serves as an advisory board member for Creative Kids magazine. Rose’s workspace is an expansive room filled with paintings and color everywhere. She explains her inspiration through travel—the face of a woman Rose met while in Istanbul jumps off the canvas. In August, she wowed Austin fashionistas with a collection of smart, elegant clothing for the thinking tween. From the haunting depth of emotion in the self-portrait adorning her line’s signature T-shirt, to the tidy, girlish print she created at age six (now reimagined as a scarf tied Jackie Onassis-style in the hair), Rose is no stranger to blending passions.

AW: When did you start to take your work seriously?

Isabella Rose: I had my first show maybe three years ago, and it was at a restaurant, very small. When I saw how people were reacting to it, I realized people really liked what I was doing.

AW: What inspires you?

IR: Everything! Fashion comes from inspiration. It’s colors or maybe a stroke that has really cool texture. Maybe it reminds me of a fabric I could use in my designs.

AW: How do you get out of creative slumps?

IR: I have to work through it. I’ve had quite a few. For example, I won’t know what to do to make a painting work. If I just work through it, I’m up again and working through to the next problem.

AW: How do you like to relax?

IR: Reading. I’ll read anything. I read A Passage to India. I also like to find inspiration online at different blogs and Pinterest. I love to travel. I get so much inspiration, influence for art, fashion, poetry.

AW: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

IR: Hopefully, for my art, I’d like to be in some large gallery and have more people know about me. For fashion, I’d love to get in to big retail stores. One day, I’d like to go to Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. There are so many great designers in London. I love it and the fashion there.

Rose’s most recent work is a gallery showing at the Kristy Stubbs Gallery in Dallas. Follow her blog at to keep an eye out for this creative chameleon as she moves forward with her career and education.

ATX Street Style post by Shelley Neuman

Austin Fashion Week 2012: Tween Designer Isabella Rose

If you got the chance to go to the first night of Driskill runway shows on Wednesday, August 15, I certainly hope you had the pleasure of viewing the collection of 11 year old tween designer, Isabella Rose Taylor (pictured above modeling her own clothing).  Isabella’s line called, “IsabellaRose” is focused on fulfilling the needs of the stylish tween, and who better to do that than a stylish creative tween like Isabella?

Since the age of 3, Isabella has been creating art and honing in on her sense of fashion and style.  Starting with painting and then poetry, she says her move into the fashion world was a natural progression of her art, her driving sentiment being, “If art had legs, it would be fashion.”  This pre-teen is nothing short of brilliant.  She is a member of MENSA, an editor for Amazing Kids! magazine, on the advisory baord for the magazine Creative Kids magazine (of which her artwork has appeared on the cover), and she just enrolled in classes at UT.  Aside from all that, Isabella has been working on her fashion collections for the past two and a half years – conceptualizing, designing and sewing all of her clothing herself.

The IsabellaRose collection was a refreshing way to start out the Driskill runway shows, and was definitely my favorite show of the night.  Isabella’s ability to convey exactly what it takes to be a stylish tween through her clothing – with the perfect amount of savvy youthful blasé – made me wish that I was a tween again just so I could wear her genuinely cute creations.

Isabella’s AFW show included pieces from her mini-resort collection which she says was inspired by her series of portraitures called “Color Stories.”  These pieces were filled with bright summertime pops of color and comfortable fabrics – perfect for going on trips to the beach with the family.  I loved how the outfits were accessorized with matching scarves and sunglasses.  She even incorporated her artwork into one of her pieces by having her self-portrait printed on the back of a simple white tee.

Isabella’s self-portrait tee:

Isabella also debuted her new fall collection on the AFW runway which was inspired by her charcoal drawings.  With this collection, Isabella played with mixing hard and soft, which is something I personally love to see designers do.  She paired more feminine and delicate fabrics and pieces like lace and floral decorations with edgier fabrics like faux leather.  I especially loved the last piece which Isabella modeled herself – the simple faux leather dress.

It’s clear that this girl is going places because she obviously understands exactly what her audience wants and needs.  I’m excited to see what’s next for this young new designer and how her sense of style will grow and change.  Good luck, Isabella!


Concealed and clandestine

colored ivory against

a blackened umber

only to break this encasement

and unfurl

Green youth

wisps lightly up

expressing  blues

a repetitive color


So the sky is ever bigger

in Texas



*  2nd place winner Haltom City Poetry contest 2012

Portrait by Artboy68 !!! Me and my Mom :)

I am thrilled to have my portrait done by the talented Scott Hamilton a.k.a Artboy68.  You can check out his amazing project ” 100 portraits”.  Check out his website:


70 mother and daughter

Sherri and Isabella Rose, pencil, 2 3/8″ x 3 1/8″

I could not resist the opportunity to draw Isabella together with her mom.  I get such a positive family vibe from this picture that I asked Sherri’s permission to do it;  the expression on both of their faces says it all.

Isabella is a remarkable young lady.  Her talents and growing list of accomplishments are amazing to watch as she shares pieces of her life on her blog, Isabella Rose.  From poetry to amazing larger-than-life artwork to her own fashion creations, her work is waaay too crazy good for someone of such a young age. Check it out.

I don’t know much about Sherri, but I do know that raising such an amazing kid takes an amazing family, so hats off to you!

This is portrait 70 out of 100.

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Hmmmm.  Ten things that people may not know about me: 1.  I am quite shy and reserved  2.  I love to travel   3.  I feel a deep burning need to make something or do something creative every day  4.  I am quite good at math but I really don’t care for the subject  5.  The beach is my favorite place to be  6.  I like sour candy  7.  I adore reading and my kindle is the best thing ever  8.  I feel very thankful to all of you bloggers and feel grateful for all the support  9.  I love perfumes and have a huge collection  10.  My two favorite colors are sea foam green and violet

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