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Thursday, March 13, 2014

WWDMAGIC Brand Love: Isabella Rose Taylor


WWDMAGIC had a lot to offer, so many wonderful brands and pieces. Every booth filled with little treasures, however, as much as I loved all those exhibitors, I only fell IN love with one…Isabella Rose Taylor.
I have this weird quirk, I can like a brand, movie or celeb but I will never be completely sold on them until I learn their back story. I got a chance to meet the whole team behind Isabella Rose Taylor, including Isabella herself and well, it sealed the deal!

Isabella is 12!!!! yes, as in she’s only been on this earth for 12 years and has managed to have a better sense of style, design, art, and work ethic that the majority of the population. I spoke to her and she is so passionate, lovely, and good at what she does. I loved all her pieces and today I want to share my favorites with you, along with a little interview.

WWDMAGIC tuvo mucho que ofrecer y por supuesto todo genial. Cada quiosco exhibió sus tesoros los cuales me gustaron pero en cuanto a ropa se trata, me ENAMORE de Isabella Rose Taylor.
Me encanta conocer la historia y ocurrencias tras bastidores de las marcas que me gustan, la historia de IRT es divina, después de hablar con su equipo el cual incluye a su padre, he decidido que esta marca es una de mis favoritas.
Pues les cuento que Isabella, la diseñadora tiñe 12 añitos…si sólo 12 años de existencia. A su temprana edad cuenta con una creatividad increíble, es una artista, es apasionada por sus creaciones y muy trabajadora.
Aquí les dejo mis prendas favoritas! 
 photo image_zps4055153f.jpg
This fringe leather vest and crochet pants were my favorite pieces. The vest, I am obsessed with!
Isabella Rose Taylor offers a great array of fashionable pieces, I loved that their collection is very much for “the every girl” you can find pieces for every aspect of your life, mix and match, and seamlessly transition from occasion and season to the next.

Este chaleco de flecos de cuero y pantalón de crochet fueron mis prendas favoritas.

A pesar de su temprana edad, Isabella diseña prendas para toda mujer. Ropa que puede ser tu acompañante para cualquier ocasión o temporada.



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CC: How long have you been doing this?
IR: I started 4 years ago [I interrupt to tell her how shocked I am, she was 8]
CC: How did you start and decide to start a clothing line?
IR: Once I learned how to saw, I spent so much time doing it, my parents realized I was really serious about it and that’s how it all started. It didn’t originally start as a business but it evolved into one.
CC: Who do you design for?
IR: I design for my peers, it’s a juniors line and a RTW line, which I really like because that’s when life happens.
CC: Are you still enrolled in school?
IR: I am a freshman at a local community college.
CC: Wait? you’re already through with High School?
IR: Yeah *chuckles*
CC: Is this your first collection?
IR: No, I have done full lines before, not in such a large scale as this but I have.
CC: How involved are you in the creative side of things?
IR: I am involved in everything creative, designs. photoshoots, hair and makeup.

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Fashion genius! 12-year-old Mensa member and tween clothing designer lands major deal with Nordstrom

By Sadie Whitelocks

PUBLISHED: 14:06 EST, 27 February 2014 | UPDATED: 16:44 EST, 27 February 2014

A self-taught fashion designer and Mensa member is celebrating scoring a major deal with Nordstrom at the age of 12.

Isabella Rose Taylor from Austin, Texas, who is a college freshman as a result of her high IQ, founded her namesake clothing label three years ago and currently sells pieces online.

But this fall the tween’s ‘hippie-grunge yet feminine’ girl’s apparel line is set to launch at select Nordstrom retail stores and on, with prices ranging from $20 to $100.

Non-stop smiles: Isabella Rose Taylor, a 12-year-old self-taught fashion designer is celebrating after scoring a nationwide deal with the retail giant Nordstrom - here she is seen self-modeling designs on her website


Non-stop smiles: Isabella Rose Taylor, a 12-year-old self-taught fashion designer is celebrating after scoring a nationwide deal with the retail giant Nordstrom – here she is seen self-modeling designs on her website


Jennifer Jackson, the merchandising manager for children’s clothing at Nordstrom, told WWD that Isabella has the ‘unique ability to create fun, stylish clothes that really represent her customer, who are also her peers.’

Indeed, the Texan’s spring collection currently consists of fashion-forward crochet pants, kimono jackets, jumpsuits, crop tops and skate dresses.

T-shirts are emblazoned with age-appropriate catchphrases including ‘Adorbs’, ‘Loves’ and ‘Blood, Sweat, & Glitter.’ On her website, Isabella appears self-modeling all of her creations.

The brunette plans to have around 15 different pieces of girlswear stocked at Nordstrom although the finer details are still being discussed.

She acknowledges that she hasn’t got to where she is without a little help, of course.

Isabella Rose Taylor

Isabella Rose Taylor


Hippie-grunge yet feminine: The Texan’s spring collection currently consists of fashion-forward crochet pants, kimono jackets, jumpsuits, crop tops and skate dresses


Helping hand: Like several other young fashion prodigies, including style blogger Tavi Gevinson and fashion designer Kira Plastinina, Isabella has generous parents investing in her career


Helping hand: Like several other young fashion prodigies, including style blogger Tavi Gevinson and fashion designer Kira Plastinina, Isabella has generous parents investing in her career


Like several other young fashion prodigies, including style blogger Tavi Gevinson and fashion designer Kira Plastinina, Isabella has generous parents investing in her career.

Praising her parents’ support, she said they have put a lot into getting her brand off the ground, although she didn’t know exactly how much they have shelled out.

Isabella does intend on paying them back one day, but for now profits from the Isabella Rose Taylor brand go back into the business.

Isabella’s talents aren’t just limited to fashion and she boasts a CV someone twice her age would wish for.

She is also a poet, writer, skilled painter and a freshman in college at an age when most girls her age are in junior high school.

She concludes: ‘Most people think I’m older. I don’t really tell them I’m not unless they ask, and then they are really surprised.’

Stylecaster by Kristen Bousquet — super grateful !

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 11.31.13 AM

At 12-years old, most of us were prancing around middle school talking about cooties, math homework and the latest Lizzie McGuire episode. But, Isabella Rose Taylor—a 12-year-old fashion phenom who, come back-to-school season—will be selling her designs at Nordstrom.

The young designer already has been selling her designs online for about three years (yup, that means she was 9 years old when she started), and her pieces are perfectly tween-y: A little grungy, a little hippie but they all have a feminine touch to them. While details are still being worked out for the Nordstrom collaboration, Women’s Wear Daily is reporting that the line will be about 15 pieces ranging from $20 to $100.

Isabella spoke with WWD last week, and mentioned that her customer mixes “a lot of different vibes. She doesn’t exactly know what her style is. She is playing with feminine elements, but also keeping a grungy vibe. That’s what my customer really wants.”

We dug a little deeper and found 5 other things to know about the gifted 12-year-old.

1. Not only is she a fashion designer, she’s an artist as well.
Isabella first started out drawing and painting then branched out into designing clothing. She believes that art and fashion are one in the same. Her motto is “If art has legs, it wold be fashion.” You can see some of her latest artwork on her Instagram.

2. Oh, and a writer and poet.
As if fashion designer and artist at 12 years old didn’t make you envious enough, Isabella is a writer and a poet. She is currently on the advisory board for Creative Kids Magazine and is a member of Mensa, the high IQ society, and is a Davidson Youth Scholar. She also won the Scholastic Art & Writing Gold Key Award.

3. While most girls are in middle school, she’s in college.
Another incredibly impressive thing for Isabella to add to her list of reasons she’s amazing, she’s actually a college student. She is a freshman in college in her second semester at Austin Community College. At 12 years old, people.

4. She’s already shown her collections as Austin Fashion Week.
Her summer fashions were showcased at the 5th Annual Austin Fashion Awards last May! At this particular event, Isabella was named one of the shows “rising stars”, a title people strive for.

5.  She’s totally down to earth.
In September, she told the Today Show: “I think the keys to success are blood, sweat, and glitter. BSG is what I call it. Because you have to have passion and you have to put a lot of hard work. And then you have to have inspiration and fun with what you’re doing.” We totally agree, Isabella!

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Isabella Rose Taylor


Fashion on the WWDMagic floor: Isabella is sporting her own Fetching tee and Hazel hoodie. She’s paired them with a necklace by Love & Leather (another emerging designer showcased at Magic Market Week), jeans by AG and Converse sneakers.

Isabella showing some of her Spring 2014 garments

Isabella is a 12-year-old designer and the youngest designer ever to be featured in the Emerging Designer Showcase at Magic Market Week. We took a closer look at her spring 2014 collection, and we’re predicting an amazing career for this talented young girl.

“I love the style of the U.K.,” says Isabella.

Isabella describes her spring 2014 collection as “hippie meets grunge,” and says she was focused on using florals and more muted colors. Isabella was just picked up by Nordstrom, so you’ll be able to see her collection at a store near you for the back to school season.

Isabella describes her Spring 2014 as “hippie meets grunge”

We spoke with her in some detail, and she is the real deal. She is only designing for juniors right now, but she said she’ll expand her line as soon as she grows out of juniors herself. She also said she wants to go into accessories someday.

Check out more from her line at

Excited to be chosen as an “Emerging Designer” at WWD MAGIC. Big thank you to for the lovely write up.

The show will be particularly remarkable this year, he said. “WWDMAGIC is stronger than ever and we have some great things happening. ABC’s amazingly hot show Shark Tank is coming to WWDMAGIC. The producers will have a booth on the show floor and will be scouting for entrepreneurs. We are the perfect venue to find promising talent. And in that same spirit, we have always fostered up-and-coming design talent and once again, we will have our Emerging Designer Showcase in North Hall. We pride ourselves on the discovery of new brands and some of the best networking opportunities. The showcase will include 14 designers, including 12-year-old fashion prodigy, Isabella Rose Taylor.

Isabella Rose Taylor said she’s thrilled to be showing at WWDMAGIC. “This is my first time at WWD Magic and I am really super excited. I really wanted to be a part of such an amazing tradeshow that provides emerging designers like me with a great opportunity to be placed in front of buyers from all across the country. Making connections and getting such a comprehensive overview of exciting new trends, new brands and manufacturers all under one roof is fabulous reason to choose WWD MAGIC.”

Taylor said she hopes that the show helps her “learn more about the business, make connections and bring my clothing line to a wider audience.I feel confident that participating in WWD MAGIC will definitely boost my business. I am really looking forward to it.”

As for her collection’s style, she said, “My clothing collection targets tweens/teens. I am designing for my peers. We want to be fashionable but we also want to be comfortable. My current Spring/Summer 2014 Collection mixes fun prints and patterns for what I call a hippie-grunge vibe.”

Fashion such as Taylor’s collection is the essential core of the show. Griffin said, “In addition, Hal Rubenstein, our guest fashion director, will be back to curate looks for the daily fashion shows and speak on trends, his favorite emerging talent, etc. We’ll have brands and designers making a return, such as Joyce Azria of BCBGeneration, along with first-timers such as Dickies Girl, and PaperPlane London.”

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